Dr. Carmen C. Almasan

Carmen C. Almasan received her Ph.D. in 1989 from University of South Carolina. She joined the Kent State University Physics faculty in 1995. Prior to this, she held research appointments at the University of California San Diego. Her area of research is experimental low-temperature condensed matter physics with emphasis on the study of electric transport and magnetism, and the striking effects that arise from the interplay between these two phenomena. Her research is conducted on strongly correlated electrons, such as high temperature superconductor cuprates, colossal magnetoresistance manganites, and heavy fermion materials. The interest in these remarkable new materials is two-fold: their potential for technological applications, and the possibility that new mechanisms are responsible for their novel physical properties.

Graduate Students

Dom Lal Kunwar
Department of Physics

Kent State University

Science Research Building

Office: Room 003

email: [email protected]

1.Heat capacity of URu2-xOsx si2 at low temperatures D. L. Kunwar, S. R. Panday, Y. Deng, S. Ran, R. E. Baumbach, M. B. Maple, Carmen C. Almasan, and M. Dzero, Phys. Rev. B 105, L041106 (2022) 

2. Quantum criticality in Ce1-x SmxCoIn5 D. L. Kunwar, R. B. Adhikari, N. Pouse, M. B. Maple, M. Dzero, and C. C. Almasan,Phys. 

Rev. B 103, 224519 (2021) 

3. Structural, Magnetic, and Electrical Properties of RE Doped Sr 0.82 R 0.1 8Fe12-x AlxO19 (RE = Gd, Pr, Sm) Compound D.L. Kunwar, D. Neupane, J.N. Dahal, S.R. Mishra Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry 9 (09), 175 (2019) 

4. Short-range antiferromagnetic correlations in the superconducting state of filled skutterudite alloys R. B. Adhikari, D. L. Kunwar, I. Jeon, M. B. Maple, M. Dzero, and C. C. Almasan Phys. Rev. B 98, 064506 (2018) 

5. Magnetic field dependence of the Schottky anomaly in filled skutterudites Pr1−x Eu xPt4Ge12 R. B. Adhikari, P. Shen, D. L. Kunwar, I. Jeon, M. B. Maple, M. Dzero, and C. C. Almasan Phys. Rev. B 100, 174509 (2019) 

6. Evolution of non-Kramers doublets in magnetic field in PrNi2Cd20 and PrPd2Cd20 A. M. Konic, R. B. Adhikari, D. L. Kunwar, A. A. Kirmani, A. Breindel, R. Sheng, M. B. Maple, M. Dzero, and C. C. Almasan, Phys. Rev. B 104, 205139 (2021) 

7. Co-Doped Rare-Earth (La, Pr) and Co-Al Substituted M-Type Strontium Hexaferrite: Structural, Magnetic, and Mossbauer Spectroscopy Study M.L. Ghimire, D. L. Kunwar, J.N. Dahal, D. Neupane, S. Yoon, S.R. Mishra Materials Sciences and Applications 11 (7), 474-493

8. Bacterial inhibition by chitosan coatings loaded with silver-decorated calcium phosphate microspheres J.A. Jennings, DAV. Pulgarin, D.L. Kunwar, J. Babu, S. Mishra, J. Bumgardner Thin Solid Films 596, 83-86 

9. Facile hydrothermal synthesis of hollow Fe3O4 nanospheres: effect of hydrolyzing agents and electrolytes on electrocapacitive performance of advanced electrodes S.R. Mishra, H Adhikari, D.L. Kunwar, C. Ranaweera, B. Sapkota, M. Ghimire, R. Gupta, 

J. Alam Int J Metall Met Phys 2 (007)

Former Graduate Students

Ram Adhikari
Department of Physics

Kent State University

Science Research Building

Office: Room 003

email: [email protected]


R.B. Adhikari, D.L.  Kunwar, I. Jeon, M.B. Maple, M. Dzero and C.C. Almasan, "Short-range antiferromagnetic correlations in the superco

nducting state of filled-skutterudite alloys Pr1-xEuxPt4Ge12 " Phys. Rev. B, 98, 064506 (2018) 

N.Pouse, S. Jang, B.D. White, S. Ran, R.B. Adhikari, C.C. Almasan and M. B. Maple. "Temperature versus Sm concentration phase diagram and quantum criticality in the correlated electron system Ce1-xSmxCoIn5" Phys. Rev. B 97,235149 (2018) 
Y.P. Singh, R.B. Adhikari, D.J. Haney, B.D. White, M.B. Maple, M.Dzero and C.C. Almasan "Zero field Quantum critical point in Ce0.91Yb0.09CoIn5"  Phys. Rev.B97, 184514(2018) 

 I. Jeon , S. Ran ,  A. J. Breindel, P.-C. Ho, R. B. Adhikari, C. C. Almasan, B. Luong and M.B. Maple." Crossover and coexistence of superconductivity and antiferromagnetism in the filled-skutterudite system" Phys.Rev B 95, 134517(2017) 

 Y.P Singh, R.B. Adhikari, S. Zhang, K Huang, D Yazici, I Jeon, M.B. Maple, M Dzero, C.C. Almasan , B. Luong and  M. B. Maple, “Multiband Superconductivity in the Correlated electron filled Skutterudite system Pr1-xCexPt4Ge12”,Phys.Rev B 94 144502(2016) 

Yogesh P. Singh

email: [email protected]

Selected Publications:

Y. P. Singh, D. J. Haney, X. Y. Huang, B. D. White, M. B. Maple, M. Dzero, C. C. Almasan, " Pressure studies of the quantum critical alloy Ce0.93Yb0.07CoIn5 alloys"  Physical Review B, 91 174506 (2015) (11 pages).

Y. P. Singh, D. J. Haney, I. K. Lum, B. D. White, M. B. Maple, M. Dzero, C. C. Almasan, "Quantum criticality and superconducting pairing in Ce(1-x)Yb(x)CoIn5 alloys" Journal of Physics: Conference Series 592, 012078 (2015) (10 pages).

    Y. P. Singh, D. J. Haney, X. Y. Huang, I. K. Lum, B. D. White, M. Dzero, M. B. Maple, C. C. Almasan, "From local moment to mixed-valence regime in Ce(1-x)Yb(x)CoIn5 alloys"  Physical Review B 89, 115106 (2014) (7 pages).

      T. Hu, Y. Singh, L. Shu, M. Janoschek, M. Dzero, M. B. Maple, and Almasan, C. C. "Non-Fermi liquid regimes with and without quantum criticality in Ce1-xYbxCoIn5." Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 110, 7160-4 (2013). 

         H. Xiao, T. Hu, S. K. He, B. Shen, W. J. Zhang, B. Xu, K. F. He, J. Han, Y. P. Singh, H. H. Wen, X. G. Qiu, C. Panagopoulos, and C. C. Almasan, "Filamentary superconductivity across the phase diagram of Ba(Fe,Co)2As2." Physical Review B 86, 064521 (2012) (5 pages)

        Derek J. Haney

        email: [email protected]

        Xinyi Huang

        email: [email protected]

        Postdoctoral Research Associate

        Shuai Zhang

        [email protected]

        Shuai Zhang received his Ph. D. in 2011 from University of Toyama in Japan. Prior to this, he held research at Hiroshima University in Japan. His experienced the researches in the field of strongly correlated electron system (especially in rare-earth compounds) by studying the electric, thermal, and magnetic behavior on highly crystallized compounds. He is also interested in unconventional high-Tc superconductor such as Iron pnictide and electron doped MNCl.

        Selected Publications:

        Shuai Zhang, Masashi Tanaka, Erika Watanabe, Haikui Zhu, Kei Inumaru, and Shoji Yamanaka, Superconductivity of alkali metal intercalated TiNBr with the α-type nitride layers (Fast track communication, Featured article, and Cover page), Superconductor Science and Technology 26 (2013) 122001

        Shuai Zhang, Mayumi Yoshikawa, Kei Inumaru, and Shoji Yamanaka, Topochemical cross-linking of the [Hf2N2] layers with sulfur in α-HfNBr, Inorganic Chemistry 52 (2013) 10571-10575

        Shuai Zhang, Masashi Tanaka, Takahiro Onimaru, Toshiro Takabatake, Yosikazu Isikawa, and Shoji Yamanaka, Superconductivity of Metal Nitride Chloride b-MNCl (M = Zr, Hf) with Rare-Earth Metal RE (RE = Eu, Yb) Doped by Intercalation, Superconductor Science and Technology 26 (2013) 045017

        Shuai Zhang, Masashi Tanaka, and Shoji Yamanaka, Superconductivity in electron-doped TiNCl with variable interlayer coupling, Physical Review B 86 (2012) 024516

        Shuai Zhang, Yosikazu Isikawa, Takashi Tayama, Tomohiko Kuwai, Toshio Mizushima, Mitsuhiro Akatsu, Yuichi Nemoto , and Terutaka Goto, Magnetic and Thermal Properties in Cubic Single Crystal PrCu4Ag, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 79 (2010) 114707