Quantum Design's Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS)

The PPMS in our laboratory is equipped with the following options:

14 Tesla Magnet


  • AC resistivity, five-wire Hall effect, current-voltage (I-V), and critical current measurements
  • Horizontal and vertical rotators to perform angular dependent transport measurements.

Heat Capacity 

He-3 System

Torque Magnetometry


Quantum Design's Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS)

The MPMS XL in our laboratory has following features:

  • SQUID AC Susceptibility Measurement – 0.1 Hz to 1 KHz, sensitivity: 2 x l0-8 emu at 0 T
  • Ultra-Low Field Capability (*) ±0.05 G for the 5 T or 7 T magnets
  • Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO) – DC Magnetization absolute sensitivity: 1 x 10-8 emu @ 2,500 Oe
  • Continuous Low Temperature Control/Temperature Sweep Mode (CLTC) – Sweep rate: 0.001 – 10 K/min.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Sample Rotators
  • Environmental Magnetic Shield
  • Sample Space Oven - increases temperature range to 800 K
  • Magnet Reset
  • Transverse Moment Detection System
  • Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) - expands the full-scale   measuring capabilities to ± 300 emu
  • External Device Control (EDC)
  • Fiber Optic Sample Holder
  • Low Field Profiling Option - includes 1 or 10 Gauss fluxgate
  • Standard & Nitrogen Jacketed Dewars
  • Manual Insertion Utility Probe


Almax easyLab's pressure cell assemblies for both PPMS and MPMS Systems

We are able to perform pressure measurements using Almax easyLab Group Ltd's Pcell 30 and Mcell 10 designed specifically for Quantum Design's PPMS and MPMS, respectively.  Pressure is accurately measured using a tin manometer placed inside the cell.

  • Able to reach pressures of 3.0 GPa and 1.0 GPa for the PPMs and MPMS respectively.
  • The Pcell 30 allows us to run pressurized electro-transport measurements - especially resistivity, Hall effect, and current-voltage
  • The Mcell 10 allows us to run pressurized SQUID magnetometer measurements

Above is a model of the Pcell 30, for use with the PPMS and to the right is an exploded model of the Mcell 10, for use with the MPMS